As I have mentioned before, I am married to a Golf Course Superintendent.  We met on a golf course. Had our first kiss 20 years ago in a golf cart.  I know golf courses.  I don’t worry much about my husband.  He has been working in the turf industry for 30 years or more. Started out on the Mud Hens grounds crew (AAA Baseball) and ended up in home landscaping and then found his true passion…golf courses.  He has been working in the golf course industry since before I met him (hence the meeting on the golf course part!)

I have never much worried about him at work. Let’s face it, there are many other jobs out there that pose a threat…anyone in the military fighting for our freedom, fireman, policeman just to name a few, but golf course superintendent? Doesn’t seem to be much of a danger.  There are some things to worry about of course.  I do think often about skin cancer and nag my husband about sunscreen.  There are a certain amount of chemicals used in the industry. But there are also safety precautions in place for that.  There is equipment of course.  And my husband was in a hurry once and went to fix a reel for an employee and didn’t have him turn the mower off.  When he said to lift the reel…he lowered it by mistake and now my husband has a picture of his mangled fingers on the board with a note that says, “Do what I say and not what I do…turn off all equipment or end up like this”.  I got a call to meet him at the hospital.  He got pretty lucky.  I will spare you the pic, but he did not have nerve damage or broken bones and he is able to work and play guitar.  In 20 years, that is the worst I have had to deal with.


Just last week, a poor fiance’ of Turf got a call that her Man of Turf was not so fortunate.  Here is his story…it took him over 6 hours to write…  He was working (which let me clarify what working means…working means doing everything possible to provide the customer – i.e. golfer with immaculate conditions so that they may enjoy their day of “play” and unless you are a PGA player…golf is play…fun stuff…entertainment…) and a golfer decided to hit on a green.  He didn’t wait for the workers to clear the green.  He didn’t yell “Fore”.  He just hit the ball.  He hit the ball right at two workers.  He hit AJ’s Man of Turf in the head.  It is said a golf ball flies 140 miles per hour upon impact. An inch or two and this employee would have been dead.  As it is he has a Level 3 concussion.  He has bruising on the brain.  He lost speech.  He lost the ability to think properly.  He lost the ability to coordinate movement on the left side of his body.  He ran into walls.  There was potential for permanent brain damage.  He nearly lost his life.  And for what? Because someone was in a hurry…or didn’t know the etiquette of golf…or couldn’t yell “Fore!”

Never once have I worried about my husband losing his life on a golf course until I read this story last week.  This is absolutely horrific! I hope that if one golfer reads this blog and gets the message that people are working for their enjoyment.  The workers follow etiquette…they turn mowers off when you are putting, they wait until you are done hitting a tee shot before they drive by on their mower, they even come in at ungodly hours to get work done while you are still in bed so as to not interfere with your game.  Please, please respect them and their safety.


AJ’s Man of Turf went to the doctor today.  He has been given some positive information from the doctor.  I week out and it seems the bruising of the brain is healing and there is some assurance and certainty that there will be a full recovery.  The recovery will be long.  But there will be recovery.  Praise the Lord! And I pray that every golfer stops being in a hurry and this is a one time incident.  Our Men of Turf work so hard to make your day enjoyable and we want them around to continue to do so.  Please be mindful of the hard working staff on the course when golfing and look for them before a shot…Wives (and girlfriends and fiances) of Turf should not have to worry about the possiblity of their Men losing their life over a game.

This issue has been consuming me for a week or so…I felt the need to blog about it…sorry for the serious tone…I will be back to my funny self next time! 🙂


So…I live in Maumee, Ohio.  What? You’ve never heard of it? I find that hard to believe! Maumee is suburb of Toledo in NW Ohio and located on the Maumee River which flows into Lake Erie.  I am not a census employee so I really have no idea what I am talking about but I would guess the population of this little city is 50,000 or so.

It has a cute little uptown area with shops and restaurants, it has a nice metro park and walking trail, it has ball fields and a community pool and even a cute little historic movie theater.  And today, The President of the United States came to visit.

Why would the President of the United States visit little Maumee, Ohio? Your guess is as good as mine.  But his two day bus tour brought him here and the whole town was filled with excitement turmoil!

Beginning at 7:30 a.m. my little road was blocked by a huge road closed sign and a big dump truck (they must have thought someone was going to get out of their car and move the big too heavy for a normal person to move on their own sign?) My little road is one that is not traveled upon much.  Really the only people that come down it are the people that live here, but whatever!  From what I understand almost every road in the city had a huge road closed sign! People couldn’t get anywhere and if they got lucky enough to get somewhere in 4x the typical travel time to that location, they couldn’t get back.  I had a friend that went to the grocery store (I am still perplexed has to how she got there with all the roads closed and all…) and then she got stuck there…for a very long time…because the President was in town and his caravan was going to go down that street again soon sometime in the next several hours! They trapped all of the cars in the parking lot!

I decided that this was a once in a lifetime event so I thought I would take my children up there for this amazing opportunity! We live walking distance from a school (which is the one my daughter still attends) which is right across the street (well across several streets…in eyes view) from the location the President would be speaking.  Well, on the way up to the school, I realized the school was overtaken by media, over 500 people that had a ticket to see the President speak, people that wanted to get a glimpse of history, people selling buttons, wanting you to sign petitions, wanting you to volunteer for campaigns, policemen, firemen, paramedics…holy cow!

So we took our spot on the curb in front of the school and waited for the Presidential motorcade to go by.  He was supposed to speak at 11:15 a.m. so we took our post at 10ish and decided to wait.  We had three people and one water bottle, one umbrella and 90 – 100 degree temperatures! It was going to be an amazing experience! By 11:15 a.m. we had two bored and tired and cranky kids that wanted to go home and still no President! The experience was becoming less amazing and more filled with threats such as “If I hear one more negative comment from you I am taking your iPod…then you’ll really be cranky!” I decided that I immediately needed to change my approach from the “You are going to witness a part of history” theory to where the secret service men might be hiding, what kind of guns they were carrying and looking for the snipers that I was sure completely unconvinced (and potentially lying now) were posted on the roof of the school!

Finally at about 12 noon we saw the motorcade go by and then we waited some more.  Now let me be clear, we couldn’t see anything but the back of the complex and media trucks and towers, but we could hear what was going on.  So I decided to sit through the speeches and wait for the President to start talking so I could hear his voice.  This was followed by sighs and “Do we HAVE too? I already saw the bus? I am hot! I want to go home!” Followed by a few more threats! FINALLY we hear the introduction of the President! He talks for a few minutes and I get an “I cannot believe I am actually hearing the President of the United States!” I was a cool enough Mom to keep the “I told you so to myself!”

My life is a bit crazy. As you can see by looking back, I started this blog several years ago when I was in the business of card making. I am no longer in the business (I love the creativity aspect of it all, but the technicality of owning a small business was just eh…I just did not understand all of the paper work and hassle used to make my “hobby” that started out as not profitable continue to be not profitable!). I am back to creating for fun and for friends etc. But this small business stuff is for the birds! (It will take me awhile to update the blog name and format…I have no idea how to do that…my sister the web designer will have to take on that task!)

Back to my busy life. I am a Mom and the wife of a Golf Course Superintendent. My life is filled with being a taxi driver and being a taxi driver and being a taxi driver. My husband has a very stressful and time consuming job 6 – 8 months a year. It is almost like I am a single parent. I have been living this life for over 20 years (18 years married) and I have never found anyone that understands my life. I have had friends and family (my family has come to understand the life over the years) that just don’t understand why Ed cannot come to events, why we need to go home early from a party, why he gets a phone call and heads out the door (even if we are at someone else’s house and he is heading out of their door!), why he cannot go anywhere over the summer, etc. It is a job that requires much more than “mowing grass”. My husband and all Men of Turf are highly educated in their field. In addition to the knowledge they have about the turf, they are managers, supervisors, safety dudes, budget gurus and they work endless hours each week this time of year.

Back to no one understanding…after 20 years, social media has come to the rescue! The Wives of Turf was created by my friend Mychal Brown (she’s not really my “friend” I have never met her personally) but she is the best of friends as she has provided a place where all of us wives can “get together” and discuss our lives. Even if just saying, “How many hours does your husband work?” and getting 20 -40 responses on Facebook from Wives all over the world that have husbands that are working just as hard makes this life more tolerable! I am SO grateful for this group and others like it (Turf Wives comes to mind). The past year has changed my life dramatically. I have “met” others that “live my life” every day. And although, I don’t have any complaints about having a hard working, dedicated, spectacular husband sometimes this life is hard. I am enjoying having an entire support group a keyboard away.

So the past year (and a push for bloggers in the WofT community) has inspired me to blog again. This time not about business, but about family and life! Hoping I can keep it up and provide some support and laughter to others as I have received!

Back when I have something inspiring to blog about! 🙂

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Hi all —

I have been very bad about updating my blog…wow…maybe I need to make this my new years resolution…

Anyway…back at it and involved with another wonderful etsygreetings promo. This time several members are offering specials on their cards. I am offering a coupon off of your next order with any valentine purchase. Check it out at

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I will be back for another blog soon…I promise!

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My sister just got married!!! 🙂 It was such a happy day for the entire family. And to top it off a few days later, my husband and I celebrated the 15th year of our marriage.

This family pic is awesome. It includes my sister and I along with our parents, my husband, my daughter and son and my brand new brother-in-law! This was a great day spent with family and friends. The cool thing is that my sister and her new husband live in an old church. They have spent many months renovating it so that they could get married there.

I was busy too. Helping assemble and mail the invitations (that my sister – a former web designer – created), helping with decorations, shopping for all of us that needed clothes and shoes to be included in the special day, communicating with the florist who was local to me but 4 hours away from my sister. Wow!

So, I have been pretty preoccupied the past few months! I designed a new card the other day and will post it soon. I am ready now to get back to work so I hope I will be spending more time with all of you here!

Til next time!

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OK…here we are again! The last feature of this challenge. #9 and I saved my favorite for last! Now don’t get me wrong…I have had so much fun this challenge and have even blogged about how much I have enjoyed everyones shop (and even bought a card from one of them!). This challenge has been so much fun for me this time around because I have loved all of the artists. I loved featuring them, I loved their work, I respect them so much and I had such difficulty with every one of them in trying to pick just one favorite shop!

But Sheila … well we met during the last 10 / 10 / 10 challenge. And I just love her, I love her designs and I love her selection of papers and stamps and mostly I just love her style!. (while going through her shop this time I found several more stamps that I own along with some paper that I have used recently too!). We have communicated a bit during the challenges and she just seems to be so much fun and just like me! I love that we have the same sense of creative style but I also love that we both stay at home and take care of our children and that we both “take care of our less than beautiful home”. That was on her profile page and I don’t know what she means by it, but I have been known to put mopping the floor on hold to spend time with my kids, volunteer at their school or make some fun cards! I think we really are two peas in a pod!

That has been my favorite part of this challenge. Not only reconnecting with Sheila, but making friends with everyone on the etsy greetings team participating in this challenge. The internet is a grand thing. I love being able to make friends with people from all over the place.

Now back to Sheila! I love this card (and once again could only pick one which was very hard!). It would be perfect to give my husband! I like how she created the flower using the punched out hearts and I love the script on the word LOVE! It is just classy!

Check out Sheila’s shop! I know you will love her store!

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I decided to list this I love you mom card because 1. I love it and 2. I love my mom!

I just took a few day trips with my mom. One to Chicago and one to Cleveland. She is so much fun and like my best friend. I gave her this card for Mothers Day and never got around to listing them so this challenge has gotten me in gear!

I am so grateful for this challenge and my etsy greetings team friends in it! They have motivated me beyond belief!